I sign inside a small (3/8 in - 1/2 in) white border which surrounds every print.  

When framing a print, by default I use the finest Alpharag archival 8-ply mats in solid white (white with white inset) and 3/16" archival mount board.  A deep 8-ply mat provides a sense of depth in the framing, and solid white works well with most prints.  Of course you may choose any of the moulding choices or mat colors shown here, at the same price.  Double or triple mat options are available with the shown colors;  please contact me for a quote if you'd like multiple layer matting.

By default I use Nielsen Profile 117 aluminum moulding in anodized black, as shown below.  

For glazing, I will use either conservation grade acrylic or glass, depending on size and customer preference.  In larger sizes, glass can cause problems in shipping.  Therefore, I only ship glass in final sizes (print plus mat) of 20x24 or less.  Beyond that you may choose acrylic or choose to have glass cut locally.  Of course if you are in the SF Bay Area, we can arrange local delivery of any size.


Matboard Options

I use only the following two archival mat board options.  They both actively protect from air born pollutants, reduce yellowing and fading, are free of ground wood and lignin, are fade and bleed resistant, and are of conservation quality.  If it is of interest to you, you may a find a better description of archival mat construction here.

Bainbridge 4-Ply Artcare™ AlphaRag Mat Board – 1/16 inch thick, 100% cotton, ACID FREE museum-quality preservation pre-cut mat board. Actively protects from airborne pollutants. Reduces yellowing and fading. Free of ground wood and lignin. Fade and bleed resistant. Conservation quality matboard.


Bainbridge 8-ply Alpharag mat board is the thickest and highest grade of archival image preservation available (most other 8-ply mat looks like 6-ply in comparison).  Bainbridge 8-ply is true museum quality. It is acid free and has the Bainbridge Artcare treatment, and is the highest quality mat board available.

Bainbridge Alpharag Features:
   •  100% cotton rag
   •  Solid color throughout – from surface to bevel
   •  Includes Artcare™ Archival – Plus protection*
   •  Acid and Lignin Free
   •  Fade and bleed resistant
   •  Buffered to maintain alkaline pH
   •  Passes the Photographic Activity Test
   •  Meets and exceeds ANSI/NISO A39.48-1992 Regulations for paper permanence
   •  Conservation quality mat board
   •  1/8 inch thick

* The Bainbridge Artcare™ process proactively traps and neutralizes pollutants and acid by-products that can damage artwork.


OVERSIZE NOTE: Oversized mat boards may require additional processing time. Only the colors shown below ARE available in oversize:

8653 - Pure White
8660 - White
8647 - Pearl White
8663 - Natural Black

Core color matches the surface color and the surface is smooth.


Wood Frame Options

When it comes to framing your treasured fine art prints , there is nothing quite like wood frames for style, warmth and integration into virtually any décor, from Colonial to Post-Modern. 

Wood picture frames are the earliest type of frames ever used for art, whether religious or secular; in fact, most religious iconographers whose works are framed overwhelmingly prefer the use of wood frames. When it comes to secular fine art, wood picture frames are also the predominant choice of prominent museums and private collectors alike. 

Photography is a form of visual art that deserves fine picture frames; wood is again the choice of the majority of museums and collectors. Although wood photo frames are not quite as common as wood frames for paintings, they are still quite popular, and come in a wide range of styles and finishes. 

Wood Profile 500

Wood Profile 502

Wood Profile 851


Wood Profile 210


Wood Profile 871


Wood Profile 852

Profile 205

Profile 506


Profile 874


Profile 200

Profile 300


Profile 875


Profile 215

Profile 310


Profile 876



Profile 855


Profile 880




Metal Frame Options

Little matches durability, contemporary style, economy of weight, and cost as well as a metal picture frame from Nielsen. This fine company, which outsources nothing, controlling every phase of metal picture frame production in-house, has been producing the world’s finest lightweight aluminum picture frames for over a quarter-century. 

Metal picture frames by Nielsen are made from the highest quality aluminum moulding and anodized for maximum durability and long-lasting beauty. These aluminum photography frames are easy to use and come in nine different profiles, so there will be little problem finding a Nielsen metal picture frame for any photo print. 

Nielsen picture frames are inspired by the Bauhaus School of Architecture, which gained prominence in Germany around the turn of the 20th century as a reaction to the baroque excesses of the Victorian Age; its clean, sleek, minimalist lines are at home with a wide range of décor and surroundings. Aluminum is a metal that offers a high strength-to-weight ratio, and can thus be used for the largest photographs.

Nielsen Profile 117

Nielsen Profile 12

Nielsen Profile 15


Nielsen Profile 97


Nielsen Profile 99


Nielsen Profile 87


Nielsen Profile 56


Nielsen Profile 2


Nielsen Profile 11